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Barry Oblas, Phd, MSW, Individual, Marital-Family Counseling

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Therapist Profile

     Barry Oblas grew up in the New York City area where he majored (BA, MA City University of New York) in Biology and Psychology. Unlike many therapists who train in the behavioral sciences only, Barry not only has a counseling degree (Master of Social Work, Arizona State University), but he also has a degree (Ph.D.) in the Biomedical Medical Sciences and Neurobiology (University of Massachusetts Medical School). In addition to being an independent investigator in Alzheimer’s Disease (published papers, research grants, and public speaking), he also has extensive experience in teaching in the Biological Sciences.

normal pet scanabnormal pet scan
A normal pet scan is shown on the left;
an abnormal scan for an Alzheimer's patient on the right.

     Today with the current explosion of interest in the psychology of optimism and the power of the mind to facilitate healing via the nervous-immune connection, Barry, with his dual background, is in a unique position to assist clients with illnesses that may be impacting their mental health (i.e., depression), as well as counsel those under severe stress whose anxiety may be exacerbating existing medical problems. In short, with a counseling degree as well as a biological background, he has been on “both sides of the fence.”

     Barry began (1995) his counseling practice at St. Joseph’s hospital where he helped minister to the needs of children, adults, and family, the Mercy Care Outpatient Clinic. At the hospital he also provided services for Parkinson’s patients in Muhammad Ali Parkinson’s Center. After leaving St. Joseph’s, he worked for a large mental health agency that treated individuals with severe mental health illnesses such as Borderline Personality Disorder (which is profiled in his novel, God's Therapist). This story is about, what else... the trails and tribulations of a psychotherapist and his troubled patients!
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Barry's latest novel

     All well and good you may say: he has great credentials. But what of the person? Barry is married to Agi Oblas, life partner and nurse practitioner. Their son Nathaniel is a member of the Arizona National Guard. Oblas is a man of diverse interests -- the primary one being mountain biking. Barry also: practices Yoga, has attended workshops in mindful meditation, is cross training to participate in sprint triathlons, and does photography.

     Philosophy of treatment: Utilizing his broad based training in the social and biological sciences, Oblas treats the whole person--mind, body, as well as spirit. Therapy for him is about co-partnering. While he sees his role as removing obstacles to client growth, he encourages his clients to educate him about their lives, the problems they face, and the goals they wish to achieve. Since he sees each and every person who comes to his office as unique, Oblas individualizes the treatment plan. Dr. Oblas is grounded in his humanity, never forgetting that research has demonstrated that successful therapy is not about esoteric techniques, but rather is dependent upon the quality of the relationship between therapist and client.

     If you are experiencing depression, anxiety, phobias, panic, obsessive thinking, anger, or other alterations in mood, and you find that these disorders are impacting the quality of your life, Dr. Oblas urges you to contact him to receive help.

 Areas of Expertise | Why Choose Me? | Therapist Profile

Barry's latest novel